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Concierge Medicine


Why Concierge? Custom, catered health care for your needs. A majority of your health care needs are able to be managed without time intensive office visits. We give you back control of your time and health care by giving you access to your health care provider when it works for you.

What does my membership include? Your membership gives you direct access to your healthcare provider. Your will be given their personal numbers and emails. This allows your to contact your personal provider Without having to go to the hospital or a local urgent care.  Have a UTI while on vacation? No problem, you have access to your provider with an easy call. Need a refill of your medication? Not a problem, send us an email or text and your medication will be sent in to the pharmacy. 

How do I get seen if there is no office? All of our visits are virtual. We send you in your welcome package simple tools that help us get some basic vital information about you and are able to obtain a history and complete a limited physical using video visits. These can be completed through a number of different video communication platforms. If we feel like further evaluation is needed then we will direct you on where you should go. We are able to treat most conditions remotely and in person visits are often avoidable.

Do I still need insurance? - Yes you still need health insurance to help cover the costs of emergencies, specialist and laboratory needs. Our services cover your primary and urgent care health services. In the event that you need emergency, laboratory and specialist care you will need health insurance to help cover these costs. Generally we recommend patients to get lower cost, higher deductible insurance with an options HSA. Often times this reduction in insurance premiums help offset your membership fees with us. 

Do we bill insurance? No, we do not bill insurance for any of our services. We do recommend that you carry insurance due to emergency and specialist care as well as for any blood work or imaging that may be needed. 

Can my family member use my membership without one of their own? No. However, A family member not of the same household or a friend may be seen virtually for $100 per visit paid at the time of the visit. We do not bill insurance for this and you are unable to submit an itemized bill to insurance for your care.

Do you come to the hospital? No. While you are inpatient in a hospital there are many moving parts that are managed by a hospitalist and which ever specialist you need. Often times there are already multiple providers involved in getting you better as fast as possible and adding us into the mix just adds more confusion. We will, however, speak with your hospitalist to help you understand your course of care if that is desired. Our care starts back up as soon as you are discharged and ensure that you have a seamless transition. 

Are you associated with any hospitals or clinics? Although I work at Lincoln and Granite Bay Urgent Care and previously worked for Chico Immediate Care, Hybrid Health does not have any professional associations with these clinics. I am able to order labs and imaging to Sutter but I am not a part of their HMO services. I do not see patients in any outpatient facility for Hybrid Health. If you so see me in one of these clinics your insurance will be billed as an office visit and is not a part of your care contract with Hybrid Health.

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