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Hybrid Health

Health care on your terms
Remote concierge care and mobile aesthetics

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Our Team

Mark Allen, PA-C

I am a certified physician assistant that has been practicing in Northern California for the past 7 years. My goal is to create the best health care experience for you and your family. Concierge medicine gives the patient direct access to their health care provider on their terms. Thus creating personalized healthcare experience and eliminating disruptions getting you back to your life.

Focuses: Concierge Primary and Urgent care, aesthetic medicine- Certified injector

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 Doctor online and virtual hospital concept, Diagnostics and online medical consultation o


Hybrid Health PAC delivers fast, complete and direct access to a competent provider. This saves me time and money!--Barbara Furry, Owner Center of Excellence in education 



Appointments may be either scheduled or on a drop in basis. Patients are seen in the comfort of their home through telehealth visits. Not at home, not a problem we can still take care of you. Direct health care gives you access to your health care provider where ever you are, giving you a sense of comfort that the person helping you knows you and your personal needs.  Using video visits paired with wireless technology and home monitoring tools we are able to provide the same in office care you have become accustomed to remotely. If you are needing a higher level of care, we will direct you on where to go.

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Bluetooth otoscopes allow us to see in your ears and to the back of you throat!

Home exam kits

As part of your registration fee, we provide some of the basic equipment needed for virtual visits!

Thermometer and pulse oximeter

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Digital thermometers and pulse oximeters give us the ability to monitor basic vital signs!


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